Ryan; When I tore up the bumper on my car backing into a trailer hitch I was afraid I would have to have the whole thing replaced.  You told me Precise could fix it.  I was a bit doubtful because the scratches and hole looked pretty bad.   Amazingly it turned out looking like brand new with no trace of damage.  The service was great and the work was perfect.  You saved me a lot of money and I am really happy how it turned out.  Thanks!  If I mess it up again I will give you a call.

Dr. Gordon Anderson
President, North Central University 

I heard about your service from Paradise car wash. Having not one, but two black cars represents a unique challenge I think we all know how great a black car looks when it’s at it peak, but a few stone chips, a couple of small scratches, & well you start to think it’s time for a new car. My one black car is 15 years old & only has 18,000 miles on it, but the front of the car looked terrible. Jake came to my home not once but twice to make sure both cars were 100%! The other day I had the 15 year old car at my neighborhood DQ and a bunch of guys approached me & asked me how I liked my new car! They were shocked to find out it was so old! Thank you Jake.

Mark M.

I thought the only way to remove the rock chips on my black Chrysler was by a body shop – sanding them down and spraying the entire hood. I am blown away by your service and how you have transformed the appearance of my car. Most of the chips have completely disappeared and I saved a bundle over a body shop.”

Brian C.

I backed my Jeep into a pole and was planning on going to a body shop to repair the bumper when I learned of your service via Google. I am so pleased with the repair, it’s like brand new. I also like the fact that you fixed it the same day while I was at school and I didn’t have to be without it for 3 or 4 days. Thank you so much.

Lindsay W.

My silver Chrysler 300 had a nasty crack in the rear bumper and a lot of red paint from where someone had rubbed me along the side. You guys performed a body shop quality repair, in two hours, for a fraction of the price! The car looks brand new. Feel free to use me as a referral.

Ken P.

I’m very happy with the work Jake did! The hood of my black BMW had so many rock chips it looked like The Milky Way. Now it looks almost brand new (and for a great price – completed in the parking lot at my office). I had no idea this service existed. Great job!

Chris L.

You guys cured the road rash on my black Jaguar. I am very pleased with the price, convenience, and the results.

Jake R.

Jake treated my BMW like it was a Ferrari. Incredible work ethic. Very careful and meticulous to treat every chip (and there were lots!) I’m referring my family members to you guys too.

Mark M.

I thought my Mercedes had significant paint damage. Jake said it was just “paint transfer” from another car. Within a few minutes, he had it looking like new again. Very convenient and professional. Thank you very much!

Arlen K.

For the price I paid – $150.00 – I’m very happy.

Mike J.

I am very happy with how my truck looks. It’s amazing how so many little scratches can make your vehicle look so bad. When they are gone it looks almost new again. Thank you so much. I feel so good about the outside of my truck I am going to have the inside detailed now! Again, many thanks.

Lori C.

The day I bought my beautiful red Pontiac G6 hardtop convertible was indeed a happy day. I searched for the car for a long time online before finding that perfect car for me. The dealer selling the car was 1.5 hours from me. But it was totally worth it. Driving home, top down; life is good. Not long after I got the car I was working late and someone backed into my car in the parking lot and took off. I was able to push the bumper out but there was still paint scrapes and chips. Then to add insult to injury, a couple of days later, I took the car through a local car wash  and the chamois must have had something stuck to them and it scratched up the car even more.

I couldn’t leave the car that way so I started asking friends and coworkers for recommendations on where to take the car. The quote I received on just repairing the bumper was $600.00. And I was either going to have to drive it without a bumper for a week or not drive the car for a week.

Then my boss told me about Precise Chip and Bumper. He said I could have my repairs done for a fraction of the cost I was quoted. He told me that they work with dealers in the area to make their trade-ins look new.  It sounded too good to be true. But I called anyway. I was very happy with my quote and even happier with my results. My car looks as good as new. In fact, it looks so good that two of my co-workers asked for the phone number so they could get their vehicles repaired too. If you see someone in a G6, top down, hair in a pony and big smile on the face, that’s me.

Thanks Precise!

Kathy C.