Chip Repair

Rock chips are unsightly and decrease the value of your vehicle. They will eventually rust if not repaired.

We use a revolutionary sprayless treatment that provides a 99% color match and fills the chip- guaranteed not to power wash off:

  1. Any contaminates are removed with our wax and grease remover
  2. Chips are treated with our Barrier Coat to ensure the paint will adhere properly to the chip
  3. Paint is mixed according to your vehicles color code
  4. Proprietary chemicals are added to the paint that:
    • Suspend pearls and metallics so they don’t sink to the bottom of the chip
    • Reduce solvent ratio to remove paint shrinkage as it cures
    • Add gloss to match surrounding clear coat
  5. Paint is applied using a Teflon applicator and is left higher than the surrounding surface
  6. Drying time is 15 to 30 minutes
  7. Excess paint is removed using a chemically treated shop towel wrapped around a sanding block
  8. And Volia! Zee chip iz gone!





Back To New Gold – $189.00*

We paint up to 60 visible chips, buff treat all visible scratches, and hand wax your vehicle.

Back To New Platinum – $329.00*

Features everything in the Gold package but also includes one corner bumper repair.

*Prices listed apply only to service provided at one of our partner dealerships and are subject to change. Please call for an estimate or get a quick quote.